Cooking Trip to Green Apron Kitchen

Green Apron Kitchen is a fully operational Culinary School located a short distance from Seth Low. It is located on the corner of 77th Street and Bay Parkway. This year we are excited to have formed a partnership with Chef Fabiana and her staff along with Mrs. Markland & Mr. Mendoza, who both teach Cooking at Seth Low. Currently, this year we have two six grade classes and one eighth grade class, which meets three periods a week as an elective. Each class plans on visiting Green Apron monthly until June. Together Chef Fabiana and Mrs. Markland have come up with menu ideas that include: Pizza making, Fruit Tarts, Banana Bread, Quesadillas and much more. All of the recipes emphasize skills learned in cooking class.

Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches students about nutrition, food safety, careers in cooking, and builds math, science, literacy and fine motor skills. Cooking also helps students build self-confidence and lays the foundation for healthy eating habits that can be shared through generations.