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Nest Department

NeurodiversityNest DepartmentASD Nest Program
  • We have 2 Nest classes per grade level
  • Teachers are trained to support our nest students with strategies from NYU and CUNY Hunter ASD classes
  • Nest students are supported with:
    • Consistent routines used throughout each class, as well as throughout the school
    • Flexible seating is offered in each classroom
    • Break Areas are available in each classroom
    • SDI (Social Development Intervention) 
      • 6th & 7th Grade - 3 times per week
      • 8th grade - 2 times per week
    • Nest Students have a Social Worker available to them for situations that may arise during the school day
  • We provide Nest students a with quiet space during lunch periods
  • Nest Parents are sent weekly newsletters with important information for their child, as well as workshop opportunities for parents throughout the school year