Electives » Cooking


Cooking is a valuable life skill that helps build self-confidence, and lays the foundation for healthy eating habits. In cooking elective, students have the opportunity to attend trips to farms and restaurant and learn about…
     - Safe food and kitchen sanitation practices
     - Food and equipment preparation
     - Food science and nutrition
     - Cooking techniques and practices
     - Menu development
     - Time management
     - Presentation and plating
     - Careers in Culinary
In collaboration with Green Apron Kitchen, which is a fully operational Culinary School located on the corner of 77th Street and Bay Parkway, students prepare menu items such as Pizzas, Quesadillas, Empanadas, Banana Bread, Rice, Pilov, Apple Turnover and mini Pumpkin Pies, Muffins, Pancakes, French Toast, Cookies, edible slime, etc.